Saturday, January 2, 2010

bagong taon

- makapagsuklay na nga ng mas madalas or magpagupit na lng ulit?
- mag-exercise! have to attend a wedding e. haha para bagay sa dress.
- write more. i miss writing.
- visit palawan. and tour mindanao. and the north. basta go someplace i've never been before.
- attend AFMC sa last week of August
- pass the Boards this August (pero according to diose, aim to top the boards daw. why not? ^_^)
- pray more.
- read more books.
- matutong magluto ng adobo. since it's one of my favorites, and relatively simple, i'll start with that. have to survive in the boondocks on my own. at ayaw ko namang mabuhay sa pancit canton. haha :)
- learn how to apply eyeshadow. haha. wala lng.
- makipag-'date' sa esvees
- maging more involved sa cbc
- eat healthier.
- be a better ninang.
- cut down on facebook. really.
- perform a thoracentesis. ^_^! :)
- intubate. not that i'm asking for patients. i just want to learn how.
- get a postal id.
- take piano lessons after the boards na lng.

do all of the above. i hope. :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

<3 advance happy birthday manong jaja!

had a date with manong jaja last week. :) sa SM Megamall. sa Kenny Rogers. :)
got him the book he wanted: Noli Me Tangere in English. hehe
sayasaya. <3 Birthday nya sa December 19.

Happy birthday banong. ;p love you. *hugtight*

Sunday, September 6, 2009

crazy conversations

I have this friend who's in Japan, so understandably, news from home don't reach her as they happen (pero minsan naman clueless talga sya kahit nung andito pa sya). We all know her and love her pero she asked to have her name concealed muna dito. I'd like to share one of our crazy conversations kase she sent me to gales of laughter because of it. :) I'll just call her "ate".

ate: where are you now? hows residency?
tint kulit: i'm not in residency
tint kulit: haha
tint kulit: i'm just a PGI
tint kulit: post grad intern
ate: waaahhhhh. sorry
tint kulit: im at home now actually. weekend off
tint kulit: it's ok. residency is after the board exam pa
ate: aaahhhhh... ic. kelan boards?
tint kulit: next year, august
ate: owow... full-fledge ka na pag balik ko... been to elbi lately?
tint kulit: i sure hope so!
tint kulit: sana take one lang
ate: go! one take lang!
ate: have you balita with tito m?
tint kulit: tito m, has many meds na
ate: hows love life tint?
tint kulit: me?
tint kulit: nyak
tint kulit: what made you ask?
ate: kasi aug ko lang nabalitaan abt gideon and kit, and i had to buy my own emobile internet to catch that balita, which was 4 months old na by then....
tint kulit: hahaha
ate: haha talaga
tint kulit: anu ba. nung april lang naman sila
ate: oo nga 4 months old. yung mga tao sa elbi like, ha.... hindi mo alam??
tint kulit: as in ngayon mo lng nalaman?
ate: 3 weeks ago
ate: make tha 2 wks and a half
tint kulit: hahahaha
ate: so para hindi na ko magulat tinanong na kita stright
tint kulit: hahahahahaha
tint kulit: you
tint kulit: are
tint kulit: funny
tint kulit: may i repost this conversation in a blog?
tint kulit: this is one of the craziest conversations i've had
tint kulit: hahaha
tint kulit: may i?
ate: adik... really??
ate: ocge... can you change my name?
tint kulit: oh but it's more fun with your name in it!
tint kulit: that's what makes it crazy. comments coming from you!
tint kulit: haha
ate: ADIK!
tint kulit: "so para hindi nako magulat, i'll ask you straight."
tint kulit: hahahaha
ate: decribe me na lang to make it obevous na its me, pero dont put my name in it. then pag nasanay na ko seeing d blog, maybe we can change it na. (adik ka)
ate: deal?
tint kulit: hahaha
tint kulit: sureness
ate: but you didnt really answered my question yknow
tint kulit: ikaw ang adik
ate: :)) (my turn)
tint kulit: wala syempre. ano ba?!
tint kulit: don't worry, when i do, everyone will know it.
tint kulit: and you won't be late knowing it either
tint kulit: hahaha
ate: thanks appreciate it;9

hanep kumabig ng tanong si ate ano? haha. from how's tito m to how's love life? ng walang kurap mata nyang tinanong. hahaha! di man lang ako nakahinga, iba na ang topic nya. hahaha. :) crazy. crazy. my favorite line: "so para hindi na ako magulat, tinanong na kita straight". yep. crazy lady there.

may iba pa bang magtatanong jan? wag naman na ako ang ginugulat nyo. pambihira.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

yummy cupcakes

Banana cupcakes.
(made by joshua garcia)
They smell really nice.
Tasted great.
Reminded me of Nanay's baking, and that's saying a lot.
Yey, thanks for the treat!
Galing ng delivery boy! Madaya nga lang kase pupunta sya ng elbi. hmph. Waaaah....

Proof that Joshua G. has a heart.
Ah eh.. kapapanood ko lang kase ng Iron Man recently.
Just let me borrow the phrase na lng. :)
(Ei, josh, we were just talking about you sa sunday school nung sunday.
miss ka na daw ni honey! hehehe.)
My friends enjoyed your cupcakes as well, see! :D
Sa uulitin!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Regrets? Not a mite.

Flowery sun dress
Red chucks
UP jacket


fun, fun, fun. :)

@ Museo Pambata during Kaleb's birthday.
Thanks to Joshua Garcia for the picture (and the jacket).